MY NAME IS MOMMY celebrates the exhilaration of motherhood, balancing poetic passages with humorous detours into the modern realities of raising small children. April Wish moves forward and backward through time, exploring the pressures and the promises of parenthood.

Unapologetically feminist and powerfully tender, MY NAME IS MOMMY studies a matriarchal family's traditions, exploring the connection between generations through Wish's lens as both a mother and a daughter. The show follows her journey as she looks for the bits and pieces of herself she left behind when she stepped into her role as Mother - buried under mountains of toys and traditions.

In this dynamic and often hilarious piece, April Wish has crafted a love letter to her daughter, as well as to the little girl she used to be herself.


Returning to the stage after taking time away to raise her children, April Wish has spent a lifetime creating. From hundreds of stage performances to producing nearly a dozen feature films, she is a pioneer in interactive narrative live streaming and throws really wild themed birthday parties for her kids. Having spent two decades working to support and uplift female voices on stage and on screen, she is excited to be amplifying her own story in MY NAME IS MOMMY.