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"I have never seen a better, more emotionally searing description of motherhood and the impossible task that entails, written and performed by an incredibly talented writer and actress telling the true story of her own life.  Remarkably brave, this 75-minute long solo performance bounces back and forth, as parenting itself does, from remembering your own childhood, to seeing yourself in your children.  It beautifully and perfectly captures the exhaustion, joy and everyday challenges and thrills of creating a new life.  Poetically written and masterfully acted.  I’m weeping as I write this review, it moved me so. Simply unforgettable..." - Joy Bennett, Jewish Journal

"A moving, dynamic examination of motherhood past and present... Raw, honest and often hilarious... Full of emotion and power..." - Mary Mallory, The Tolucan Times

"...April Wish has a way of telling her own particular story in such a way that feels bold and fresh and new. She is brutally honest but also sweetly and intensely lovable. April writes so beautifully that we are laughing and crying and empathizing and shocked all in the same breath. Her candor and her joyous abandon are intoxicating [...] It’s funny, touching, unique, riveting and very, very important." - Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NoHo Arts

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