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  • April Wish

Motherhood Has Prepared Me For This Moment

Motherhood has prepared me for this moment.

The isolation.

The isolation.

Not having control.

The meltdowns.

The constant opinions of strangers.

The sleepless nights.

Crying silently in the bathroom, alone.

The feeling of overwhelm, as the walls in your home feel like they are closing in, holding you prisoner, burying you in an endless mound of plastic toys.

The chaos.

The cleaning.

The creativity.

The ability to put myself aside for someone else.

The simple at-home joy that breaks your heart open.

Nighttime snuggles. Morning snuggles. Boo-boo snuggles.

How to connect, have a heart to heart, via text message.

To write and think more deeply.

Learning to trust the little voice inside me that knows when something is truly wrong, when to go outside and look at a tree, when to put down the laundry and listen.

To appreciate the moments I mange to be alone like they are made of gold.

To make slime without a recipe.

I can do this.

We can do this.

19 MARCH 2020

day 7


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